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Q: Is it safe to live in Mexico?

A: Absolutely, many expats have moved their entire lives as well as their kids to Mexico. Despite what is portrayed by the media, Mexico is quite safe when it comes to overall living and vacationing. 
Q: Does the Expat Experts team pick me up from the airport?

A: Expat Experts, will set up you transportation from the airport to your hotel or airbnb.

Q: Do the Expat Experts help me find a rental property?

A: Yes, we have a list of trusted rental agents that can help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Q: Will the Expat Experts help with purchasing a condo?

A:  Of course, we have a team of trusted realtors, real estate attorneys, property management companies and accountants that will help you with your real estate needs.
Q: Does the Expat Experts team help with schools, daycares, and kindergarten services?

A: Our experienced, english speaking and knowledgable concierge will be able to get you all the information and pricing on all the schools in the area, whether you're looking for daycare for your 2 year old or high-school for your teenager, we have you covered.
Q: What kind of immigration documents are required to live and work in Mexico?

A: Expat Experts has a partnership with 2 of the most successful and experienced immigration lawyers in the area that will help you with every question you may have about your immigration process.
Q: How do I set up a consultation with an Expat Expert?

A: Book a call !!!
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