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Walking on the Beach

Making your move to paradise a reality

Hello there! Expat Experts was created by a group of Canadian expats that have been in Mexico for over 24 years. 

Moving to a new country for short or long period of time has its stresses, its challenges and its hurdles. We know this because we've gone through it ourselves and we hear it all the time. The questions that our clients have are met with professionalism, integrity and simplicity.

Phil has spent over 15 years in Playa del Carmen and Lev has been here for over 8 years.

Shana has moved here 6 months ago.

Their experience will help your relocation be as stress-free as possible.

Phil Hart & Lev Makievsky


Shana Pereira

Head Concierge

Where to Start

Simply fill out our application form and jump on a FREE call with a team member for your relocation strategy.


From there our concierges will be there to make sure there’s no unanswered questions and help you start your journey

Once you have arrived, we will be assisting you with every need you may have and give you our full attention for the next 30 days. 

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